Guiding Procurement Principles

Bruce Power and its suppliers operate under a set of guiding principles, which include:

  • Engage in procurements when scope is complete and stable to minimize changes.
  • Competitively source work to ensure that best value is realized.
  • Give preference to the selection of Suppliers who are Indigenous owned, impact the local Indigenous communities or generate local Indigenous jobs.
  • Give preference to the selection of Suppliers who can demonstrate economic benefit in Ontario, and where possible, in close geographic proximity to the Site (Bruce, Grey and Huron counties).
  • Select Suppliers based on key determinants of past performance – safety, quality, cost, schedule performance (on time and on budget), and capacity.
  • Understand and evaluate sub-suppliers during selection process.
  • Utilize Enterprise Demand Spend Forecasting  to develop and prioritize commercial opportunities resulting in large and longer-term opportunities via strategic Supplier relationships.
  • Favour commercial models that provide cost certainty, that minimize, share and transfer risk and that provide transparency.
  • Identify and mitigate project and commercial risks as part of the procurement.
  • Collaborate with Ontario Power Generation where common Suppliers or work programs exist.
  • Employ objective performance measures tied to fees at risk and incentives in all Master Services and Purchase Agreements (MSA).