New Supplier Prequalification and Performance Portal

In an effort to enhance and streamline our approved supplier list and contractor management processes, Bruce Power implemented a Supplier Prequalification and Performance Portal in October 2016.

Bruce Power has selected the online platform hosted by ISNetworld (ISN), to assist with this initiative. ISN is a global leader in supplier information management and supports more than 75,000 contractors and 650 hiring companies (like Bruce Power), including Ontario Power Generation, Hydro Ottawa and Toronto Hydro.

ISN will work with Bruce Power suppliers to collect, review and verify information such as health, safety and environmental programs, insurance, workers’ compensation and safety statistics based on Bruce Power’s criteria. ISN registration is typically used for contractors performing work on site with some form of risk. Supplier performance reviews, scorecards will also be housed on the ISN online platform. This approach will reduce paper-based administrative activities while continuing to satisfy legislative/regulatory compliance and Bruce Power-specific requirements. This portal also supports our Supply Chain team in searching for contractors who support specific work sites or commodities.

ISN has sent communications to Bruce Power suppliers who are impacted by this change. The letter will outline Bruce Power’s requirements and next steps to start the process.

Bruce Power and ISN will schedule training sessions for suppliers to provide additional assistance and demonstrate the benefits of ISN. If you have questions regarding ISNetworld, please contact the ISN Customer Service Team at 1-800-976-1303, or access  Chat with ISN.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support as we look to improve our supplier data management processes.

Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI)

OCNI is an association of leading Canadian Suppliers to the nuclear industry in Canada and the international marketplace. They are a leading voice of the nuclear supply chain and actively promote safe, clean and reliable nuclear base load electricity. Bruce Power works with OCNI to host regular supplier events and we use their membership directory to find member companies for potential opportunities and contracts. For more information about OCNI, click here.

Bruce Power approved supplier list

The Bruce Power Approved Supplier List (ASL) and Active Vendor List (AVL) include more than 2,000 suppliers we actively conduct business with. The ASL contains Suppliers with requirements for Quality Assurance Program such as ISO-9001 or N299. Suppliers are evaluated and audited against the QA requirements to make sure they are acceptable to be included as a Bruce Power supplier. Bruce Power uses industry best practices to conduct Bruce Power Audits or uses NUPIC and CANPAC audits to complete these evaluations. Processing time can take up to six months for extensive QA Programs.

CSA N299.1 Audit Checklist

CSA N299.2 Audit Checklist

CSA N299.3 Audit Checklist