Green Financing Framework

Bruce Power’s Green Financing Framework helps the company invest in projects that contribute to Canada’s prosperous, clean energy future, and advance its climate change objectives.

The Green Financing Framework is designed to guide future issues of green bonds for eligible investments associated with the company’s Life-Extension Program and increasing the output of the existing units used to displace other carbon-emitting electricity generators. These investments will focus on increasing efficiency, extending the facility’s life beyond 2060, and continuing to play a critical role in providing clean, low-carbon electricity for the Province of Ontario.

Bruce Power’s Framework directed the issuance of $500 million in Green Bonds in 2021. The company’s inaugural Green Bond was a global first for nuclear power, and recognition of the critical role nuclear technology plays in fighting climate change and enabling a Net Zero future.

Bruce Power’s Green Financing Framework has received a Second-Party Opinion from CICERO Shades of Green (CICERO Green), an internationally recognized leading provider of independent review and second-party opinions on Green Bonds and Green Financing Frameworks. The Framework has received CICERO Green’s overall ‘Medium Green’ shading on a scale of Light, Medium and Dark. It also received the highest possible governance score of ‘Excellent.’ CICERO Green also concluded that the management of proceeds under the Framework is in accordance with the Green Bond Principles issued by the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) and the Green Loan Principles issued by the International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) and the Green Loan Principles issued by the Loan Market Association (LMA) and Loan Syndications and Trading Association (LSTA).

Read the Green Financing Framework.

Read the CICERO SPO.

Read the 2021 Green Bond Report.

Read the Schedule of Use of Green Bond Proceeds.


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