Community Investment Fund

Bruce Power believes in being an active partner within our community and supports initiatives that focus on health and wellness, youth development, and engaging the community and our employees in the important mission of citizenship.

Process and Timeline

Funding Proposals

Each year, proposals are accepted online between June 1 and September 30 for consideration for the next calendar year.

Submit Proposal

Proposal Evaluation

The Community Investment Sponsorship Committee reviews and evaluates each funding proposal from September to March. They will reach out to applicants should they require more information to make a decision.

Funding decisions are based on a set of approved criteria such as:

  1. Demonstrated need.
  2. Local impact in Saugeen Ojibway Nation Territory and Bruce, Grey and Huron counties.
  3. Alignment with key funding objectives.

Funding Decisions

Funding decisions for each calendar year will be communicated (via the email included in the original proposal) by April.

Key Funding Objectives

Health and Wellness

To promote safety awareness, safety programs, health issues and concerns. Focus areas include community and workplace safety initiatives, injury prevention, family shelters, and health and human service organizations near the Bruce Power site.

Youth Development

To promote programs that broaden opportunities and strengthen skills in areas such as engineering, science and technology as well as education and training.

Community and Employee Engagement

To support organizations and causes in the communities where staff live and work. Helping employees become personally involved in community projects and events like food banks, health organizations, the arts and cultural groups.

Funding Exceptions

Funding is generally not provided for the following:

  • Proposals submitted outside of the online submission process or application timeline (June 1-September 30)
  • Political parties, ridings, associations and candidates
  • Core funding (includes staff wages, advertising, utilities, rent, etc.)
  • Religious organizations
  • Professional sports organizations, sports clubs and local teams/individuals
  • Individuals, except for the recipients of scholarships, fellowships, grants, awards and internships
  • Third-party fundraising initiatives
  • Trips or tours
  • Conferences, except for those that fall within our key funding objectives and are open to the public
  • Any for-profit organization
  • Organizations that discriminate in any way against any race, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation
  • Individual school initiatives (playground equipment, lunch programs, etc.)

Special Focus Area Funds

In addition to our Community Investment Fund, Bruce Power provides funding opportunities withing the following special focus areas:

view of wetlands

Environment and Sustainability Fund

Bruce Power seeks opportunities to partner on projects and initiatives related to environmental conservation and restoration; energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction; climate change mitigation; and environmental education, awareness and research. Learn more

Indigenous Community Investment Fund

Bruce Power seeks opportunities to partner with local Indigenous Communities on initiatives and projects related to youth development, culture, health and wellness, sports and recreation, education, STEM and environment. Learn more