Indigenous Community Investment Fund

In 2016, Bruce Power launched the Indigenous Community Investment Fund (ICIF) to demonstrate a commitment to the local Indigenous communities. The Fund has been instrumental in providing opportunity for consistent engagement with the communities, including those at the program manager level and Chiefs and Councils.

The Fund’s process lends to consistent contact, collaboration and interaction between the company and Indigenous Communities and Groups throughout the year. The primary focus areas of requests must support any programs that promote the following:

  • Indigenous Youth Development
  • Indigenous Community initiatives/projects
  • Culture
  • Health & Wellness
  • Sports/ Recreation
  • Education
  • STEM
  • Environment

This process evolved over the years to what it is today, through collaborative discussions with a focus on continuous improvement. Community and Groups now have ownership over the decisions made and a line of sight on sponsorships and how they align with short- and long-term strategic direction.

How to Apply?

You may apply for Bruce Power’s Indigenous Community Investment Fund through the online application or by directly reaching out to one of Bruce Power’s Indigenous Relations team members.