Bruce Power Inspection Update

Earlier today, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) announced that it had confirmed or amended orders issued to Bruce Power and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) related to pressure tube fitness for service following a public hearing held on Sept. 10.

You can read the full decision here, Record of Decision (

Bruce Power supports this decision and, as outlined in the presentation before the Commission on Sept. 10, the company will continue to provide information when available from activities outlined, consistent with the Order, for staff review and Commission consideration.

As outlined in Bruce Power’s presentation to the Commission on Sept. 10, pressure tube integrity is based on a number of factors, and high levels of safety continue to be demonstrated to ensure the integrity of our pressure tubes through comprehensive inspections, verification and layers of safety.

Bruce Power is committed to Safety First and this value drives every decision we make and every activity we do, and we understand how important that commitment is to our community. Bruce Power is also committed to transparency and has proactively shared information with community leaders, including Indigenous communities, along with members of the general public, CNSC, and within our industry. Here is a link to a video, which explains the steps we take to confirm safety and integrity.

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