Net Zero Needs Nuclear

Clean nuclear power is crucial to fighting climate change

A new campaign supported by Bruce Power and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) has one simple message: there is no path to net zero without nuclear.

Economies around the world have less than 30 years to cut overall carbon emissions to net zero.   To meet this crucial climate change objective, Canada and all countries will need to harness all clean energy solutions, including nuclear power. Nuclear will be critical in providing baseload power, particularly in areas where renewables face intermittency issues.

Next month in Glasgow at COP26, G7 leaders and international partners will take up the net zero challenge. These meetings offer a critical chance to set a bold new direction in the fight against climate change.

Today’s launch of the Net Zero Needs Nuclear campaign is aimed at raising the importance and profile of nuclear power in the lead up to these discussions with one simple message, “there is no path to net zero without nuclear.”

While the campaign is launching today with two signatories in Bruce Power and OPG, in the weeks ahead the campaign will look to add organizations that support the message that there is no path to net-zero 2050 without nuclear.

Key Facts:

  • The Canadian nuclear industry helped phase out coal in Ontario, resulting in the largest greenhouse gas reduction in North America.
  • Ontario’s electricity system accounts for about 2% of our carbon emissions, due to nuclear power providing 60% of Ontario’s power every day.
  • Gram-for-gram, nuclear fuel contains one million times more energy than fossil fuels.
  • To generate the same amount of energy as nuclear, solar would require about 100 times and wind about 500 times more land area.

Both Bruce Power and OPG have already made substantial commitments to achieve net zero before 2050.

“Climate change is a top-of-mind key concern for Canadians, as well it should be – it is the greatest challenge of our time,” said Ken Hartwick, President and CEO, Ontario Power Generation. “Achieving net-zero by 2050 is crucial, and nuclear power is the flexible, economical, safe solution to provide the clean baseload electricity necessary to get us there.”

“Nuclear is a clean energy source that provides reliable, affordable electricity 24/7 without emitting any greenhouse gases in its operation. When Ontario phased out coal with the help of nuclear power, air quality improved significantly, reducing respiratory illnesses and deaths. The world needs nuclear power to achieve net zero emissions,” said Mike Rencheck, President and CEO of Bruce Power.

“Working with OPG to get this campaign off the ground was critical, we look forward to growing support of our message with other committed organizations who believe that net zero needs nuclear,” added Rencheck.

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