Bruce Power, OPG working together to advance new nuclear technology in Canada

Bruce Power and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) today announced an agreement that will see the two companies work together on supporting new nuclear technologies in Ontario, building on the success of their refurbishment collaboration and helping Canada reach its Net Zero climate change goals.

Both OPG and Bruce Power believe that nuclear power has a critical and expanded role in the electricity system of the future, as efforts to fight climate change can only be achieved through increasing the supply of clean and stable electricity. Ontario’s CANDU nuclear reactor fleet already provides about 60 per cent of the clean electricity in Ontario, and thanks to the CANDU refurbishment efforts of both organizations, will continue to maintain the backbone of a low emission electricity system in Ontario for decades to come. Now, in collaborating on new nuclear, the companies hope to work together in a positive manner to help enable this future.

The shared experience of operating and refurbishing a fleet of CANDU reactors in Ontario has positioned OPG and Bruce Power to coordinate their efforts in expanding the role of nuclear power in the fight against climate change by evaluating technology options, promoting regulatory efficiencies, and developing strategies to best meet the needs of ratepayers in Ontario.

“OPG’s collaboration with Bruce Power will help advance new nuclear options for the long-term production of clean energy in Ontario and Canada,” said Chris Ginther, Executive Vice-President, Business Strategy and Commercial Management, OPG. “We believe the Darlington New Nuclear Project is the first of many new nuclear opportunities that will need to be advanced as we make critical steps towards a Net Zero future.”

The collaboration agreement will expand on the innovative work Bruce Power and OPG have undertaken to advance nuclear technologies in Canada. Working together, Bruce Power and OPG will collaborate on regulatory strategies and other enablers for a new nuclear fleet. The companies will also work together to evaluate potential opportunities for the future deployment of Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) and other new nuclear technologies in Ontario and beyond.

“Bruce Power is strongly supportive of OPG’s SMR Project at Darlington and is looking forward to expanding our long-standing collaboration with OPG to advance new nuclear technology more broadly to create economic opportunities for the province, support innovation and to meet future energy needs while achieving Net Zero,” said James Scongack, Chief Development Officer and Executive Vice-President, Operational Services, Bruce Power. “Nuclear power will be a key energy source to enabling a Net Zero future and by working together we will continue to ensure Ontario and Canada remain at the forefront of these future options.”

“Nuclear energy is the backbone of Ontario’s clean electricity grid, which is over 90 per cent emissions-free.  Cooperation between key industry leaders like this will ensure Ontario continues to be a leader in clean technology growth today and in the years to come,” said Hon. Todd Smith, Ontario Minister of Energy.

For more information on the Darlington SMR Project visit: Innovating for tomorrow > Small modular reactors – OPG

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