Bruce Power to collaborate with Federal, Provincial and Municipal agencies on Huron Endeavour emergency exercise

Bruce Power will test its emergency response capabilities during Exercise Huron Endeavour, scheduled to take place October 4-6.

Bruce Power, with the participation of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), Health Canada, Ontario’s Provincial Emergency Operations Centre and our local communities of Kincardine and Saugeen Shores, will test its Emergency Response Organization (ERO) by simulating an on-site emergency scenario. Approximately 300 Bruce Power employees and nearly 1000 provincial and Municipal participants are expected to be involved during the 3-day exercise.

The simulation allows the company to test emergency preparedness and response procedures, while at the same time co-ordinating with outside agencies and municipalities. Huron Endeavour is the fourth installment of these large scale exercises. Bruce Power also participated in emergency exercises named Huron Resilience in 2019, Huron Resolve in 2016, and Huron Challenge in 2012.

The participants in Huron Endeavour will face different challenges as the exercise will allow the ERO to implement the latest Provincial Nuclear Emergency Response Plan. The company expects that Huron Endeavour will clearly demonstrate Bruce Power’s dedication to making its site and surrounding communities safe for its workers, residents and businesses.

“Bruce Power’s emergency response organization, which includes members from all areas of our business, is constantly training to ensure that we are prepared and to uphold our number one value of safety first,” said Jennifer Edey, Senior Vice-President, Operational Services and Business Development. “These full-scale, integrated emergency response exercises give us an opportunity to collaborate with community partners and external stakeholders ensure our people, our site, the public and our communities remain safe and secure.”

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