Bruce Power completes Unit 3 defueling milestone ahead of schedule

Crews at Bruce Power have completed the Unit 3 defueling milestone 16 days ahead of schedule.

The 27-day defuel program, which saw 5,748 fuel bundles removed from Unit 3’s reactor core, was completed 31 days faster than the same program on the Unit 6 MCR. Process improvements and lessons learned from our Unit 6 MCR enabled innovations that enhanced performance efficiencies. 

“This remarkable achievement has been realized primarily due to the extraordinary planning and innovation put into place in Unit 3,” said Mike Rencheck, Bruce Power’s President and CEO. “Learning lessons during Unit 6’s MCR, leveraging the ideas and experiences of staff and investing in innovative tooling has allowed us to find efficiencies and this builds on the successful momentum of our Life-Extension Program overall.”

Bruce Power is now preparing for bulkhead installation and the Primary Heat Transport (PHT) system ‘drain and dry’ as the next steps in the project prior to starting construction activity, which begins with major component disassembly. 

The Unit 3 MCR is the second refurbishment project in the company’s Life-Extension Program to extend the operational lives of Units 3-8 on the Bruce Power site to 2064. Unit 6, which began its MCR on Jan. 1, 2020, is expected to return to service later this year, on target.

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