Bruce A Update

On April 25, a leakage of heavy water from Unit 4 was identified by operations staff who safely removed the unit from service. The spill of heavy water from the unit was contained inside the Bruce A station. There have been no adverse impacts to employees, the environment or the public and the leak of heavy water has been stopped.

Unit 3 at Bruce A is currently shut down and defueled for its Major Component Replacement outage and Units 1 and 2 remain at high power.

Heavy water from the reactor heat transport system contains levels of tritium which is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen and station staff followed procedures to stop the spill and are in the process of safely cleaning it up.

Staffing at Bruce A is being temporarily reduced to crews completing the clean-up and shift compliment staff required for continued safe operation.

An investigation to determine the cause of the event is underway and once complete, steps will be taken to implement corrective actions.