Bruce Power supports study exploring potential to produce hydrogen through nuclear

A new study by Kinectrics and FuelCell Energy, supported by Bruce Power, will explore the potential to produce hydrogen using electricity generated by clean, reliable and affordable nuclear power.

Ontario’s Ministry of Energy announced today that it will fund a number of pilot projects, including Kinectrics’ feasibility study, through its Hydrogen Innovation Fund, that investigate, evaluate and demonstrate how low-carbon hydrogen technologies can be integrated into Ontario’s electricity grid for the purposes of balancing and strengthening Ontario’s reliable electricity system.

“Nuclear power offers numerous advantages such as stable and continuous electricity supply, cost efficiency and carbon-free generation,” said Richard Horrobin, Vice-President of Business Development and Energy Innovation at Bruce Power. “We are pleased to support Kinectrics and FuelCell Energy as they take this step to explore the potential to use innovative new technology to harness the power of nuclear to produce low-carbon hydrogen.”

“Kinectrics has an extensive history solving the energy industry’s toughest challenges. It is well positioned to conduct this hydrogen study that will produce valuable insights to support decarbonization of power. Through our expertise, world-class laboratories, and innovation, we have the experience, people, and facilities to deliver solutions that will drive positive change in our energy systems” said David Harris, President, and CEO of Kinectrics. “We are excited to embark on this next chapter with our project partners, Bruce Power, IESO, and FuelCell Energy to create meaningful opportunities to advance hydrogen production and improve grid reliability and flexibility.”

The proposed project is a feasibility study for a Hydrogen Hub in Toronto and will assess the potential of producing hydrogen through electrolysis, powered by a surrogate heat source to simulate a nuclear power plant and explore the use of solid oxide fuel cells for power generation and as a clean fuel source for vehicles. The study will evaluate the economic feasibility, including installation, maintenance and operation costs of hydrogen production, storage, distribution and power generation infrastructure and aims to provide insights into the opportunities and challenges of hydrogen in the electricity system.

“Our government is leveraging one of our province’s clear strengths – our world-class clean, reliable and affordable electricity system – to make us a leader in the growing hydrogen economy,” said Hon. Todd Smith, Minister of Energy. “Today’s investments, which are part of our larger $15 million Hydrogen Innovation Fund, will kickstart new opportunities for hydrogen to be used as a clean fuel, creating new jobs and driving down emissions at the same time.”

“Ontario’s electricity grid is well-positioned to support the integration of hydrogen technologies,” said Lesley Gallinger, President and CEO of the IESO. “We look forward to this study’s insights on how to best leverage Ontario’s clean electricity grid to produce low-carbon hydrogen.”

By exploring the potential of using nuclear energy as a low-carbon source for hydrogen production through solid-oxide fuel cells, the project establishes an approach that not only demonstrates the ability to manage grid reliability, peaking power and surplus generation locally, but also demonstrates a scalable approach that can be deployed at nuclear generating stations in Ontario.

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