Bruce Power completes shipment of crucial medical isotopes used in non-invasive cancer treatment

Bruce Power completed delivery of its latest harvest of cobalt-60 and is increasing its capability to produce the important medical isotope used worldwide in the treatment of cancer, sterilization of medical equipment, and food safety.

“Bruce Power continues to be a world leader in the production of medical isotopes and this is another example of work to renew our infrastructure for decades to come, securing this supply for the long-term,” said James Scongack, Bruce Power’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice-President. “Cobalt-60 is critical in the global health-care system for not only non-invasive cancer treatments, but also the sterilization of medical devices and single-use medical equipment. It is also used to help keep our food safe and free of pathogens. Its uses touch every part of our lives, and Bruce Power is proud to continue to produce this important isotope.”

The isotopes, which have been delivered to Ottawa-based Nordion, will be processed and distributed worldwide. The delivery included the shipment of High Specific Activity (HSA) cobalt-60, a medical-grade cobalt-60 used in the treatment of brain tumours and breast cancer through non-invasive procedures. HSA cobalt-60 radiation therapies limit damage to healthy tissues by delivering a single, high dose of radiation with a high degree of accuracy to the target, lowering the risk of side effects for some patients when compared to other types of radiation therapy.

“Through our continuing partnership with Bruce Power, Nordion is proud to further our mission of Safeguarding Global Health®,” said Riaz Bandali, President, Nordion. “By increasing the capacity to produce cobalt-60 in the Bruce reactors, together we’re ensuring a reliable, long-term supply to meet growing demand for this critical isotope.”

Once the cobalt-60 harvest was completed, Bruce Power installed system innovations to increase the production of cobalt-60 for its next harvest.

“Nuclear energy isn’t just providing the reliable, affordable and clean power Ontario families and businesses need – it’s also the source of life-saving, cancer-fighting medical isotopes used around the world,” said Hon. Stephen Lecce, Ontario Minister of Energy and Electrification. “Premier Ford and our government are proud to be leading the largest expansion of nuclear energy in Canada, which is positioning Ontario as the world’s leading supplier of medical isotopes.”

The cobalt-60 harvest was completed during a planned maintenance outage in Unit 7. This program will ensure the company’s continued production of reliable, carbon-free electricity and cancer-fighting medical isotopes through 2064. The outage also included upgrades to Bruce Power’s Isotope Production System, which is used to produce lutetium-177, another cancer-fighting isotope.

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