Procurement Calendar

Active Procurements

As of January 11, 2023

RFI/RFP Issuance Forecast Date RFI/RFP Response Forecast Date Contract Award Forecast Date Procurement Stage Program Scope of Work Contract Type Commercial Lead
18AUG2022 07MAR2023 07MAR2023 Evaluation MCR U4 LZC and MCG Recombiners Materials Terri Junker
09DEC2022 06JAN2023 12APR2023 RFI MCR U4 CWS Feeder Decontamination Services Raman Murugappan
08DEC2022 23DEC2023 03MAY2023 RFP MCR U4 Thermowell Nozzles & DN Adaptors Materials Louie Pepe
21DEC2022 24FEB2023 26MAY2023 RFP Reactor Programs B2451 Single Fuel Channel Replacement Services Julie Ernewein
21OCT2022 13JAN2023 31MAY2023 RFP MCR U4 Feeder Cabinets Materials Louie Pepe

Coming Soon

As of January 11, 2023

Forecast Date Program Scope of Work Contract Type Commercial Lead
Q1 2023 PMC BA: Demin water Plant Custom Retrofit Services Carissa Goldstein
Q2 2023 Outages B2401 VBO Outside Elevator Rental Services Julie Ernewein


Acronym Full Form
WM Work Management
LILO Lead In Lead Out
F&I Facilities & Infrastructure
DTRT Detube Retube
RFI Request for Information
RFP Request for Proposal
RFQ Request for Quotation
AM Asset Management
SGR Steam Generator Replacement
PMC Project Management and Construction
FCFR Feeder Channel Feeder Replacement
BOP Balance of Plant


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