Bulk Material X-Ray


8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Monday to Friday


– 15 feet high
– 13 feet wide


B45 Bulk X-Ray – ext. 33968
Bruce A Guardhouse Sergeant – ext. 14770
Bruce B Guardhouse Sergeant – ext. 14052
Main Gate Guardhouse Sergeant – ext. 17008


Center of Site – ext. 13333
Bruce A – ext. 14444
Bruce B – ext. 15252
Security – ext. 15000

Steps to take at the bulk x-ray

  1. If a time is scheduled, proceed to B45 at allotted time to enter building
    • If no scheduled time enter queueing area
  2. Upon approach wait for Security Marshals direction to enter building
  3. Follow direction of Marshal to park vehicle.
  4. Exit building and enter driver kiosk
  5. Await direction of Marshal to return to vehicle
  6. Upon direction of Marshall enter vehicle and leave building to go to designated station
  7. PPE – high visibility, safety shoes, hard hats, safety glasses

Salle port procedure

  1. Once scan has been completed and truck has been security sealed, driver shall drive to designated station
  2. Driver to park in queue at station
  3. Driver to exit vehicle and enter into guardhouse search area
  4. Driver to meet sponsor and retrieve permission to enter vehicle to salle port
  5. Driver to enter salle port for vehicle (cab) search and security seal verification
  6. Driver to exit vehicle and return through search area in Guardhouse
  7. Driver to proceed with Sponsor and exit vehicle through Guardhouse

Commercial Vehicles Leaving Site

  • Visitors must wear the site identification badge issued by security in a visible location at all times while on the Bruce Power site.
  • Visitors’ vehicles will be searched upon entry to the Bruce Power site for alcohol, drugs, firearms, weapons, explosives and unauthorized or illegal items.
  • A valid driver’s licence is required to drive on site. Speed limit and parking rules are posted and enforced by security officers. Criminal Code violations will be reported to the Ontario Provincial Police.
  • Visitors are expected to drive in a safe and professional manner when driving on surrounding community roads.  Visitors must be aware of posted speed limits, rural school bus stops and can expect slow moving machinery.

Visitors MUST remember to:

  • Keep TEMP expiring day pass visible on your person at all times while on site.
  • Keep TEMP expiring vehicle pass visible on rearview mirror or dash of vehicle.
  • If driving a commercial motor vehicle, monitor through the Exploranium before exiting the site.
  • Do not leave site with TEMP visitor passes, please deposit in drop box past the Central Perimeter Guardhouse.

Exploranium Driver Instructions


Approach Exploranium


Wait 20 seconds between vehicles


Drive between yellow posts (11.6 Clearance) under  5 km/hour 


One of three lights will appear:
Safe to proceed off site.
Speed alarm over
 5 km/hour.  Turn around and repeat process slower.
Radiation level alarm:

Level 1 – Must have two clean readings. Turn around and repeat twice. If you alarm again, you must park and be cleared by a Radiation Technician. Security will call for them to respond to your parked vehicle.

Level 2 or 3 – Turn around and park vehicle for a Radiation Technician to be called and wait to be cleared.


If unsure, stop and wait for security direction from intercom speaker.