Innovation, Automation and the Digital Transformation of the Canadian Isotope Sector

Wednesday, May 12

11:00 a.m.

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This event explores the interdisciplinary partnerships in Canada’s domestic isotope supply chain that are enabling new and innovative patient treatments and increasing the efficiency, ease, and safety of the isotope production, packaging and delivery processes. It also looks at how key players in the Canadian nuclear energy space are re-tooling, providing their expertise in automation and digital transformation to ensure the Canadian medical isotope sector remains a global superpower.

James Scongack
EVP, Bruce Power
Chair, Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council
Ryan Simpson
Vice-President, Consulting Services, Engineering
Matteo Melandri
Sales Manager, Radiopharma
Darryl Spector
Promation Nuclear
Andrew Thiele
Director Strategic Initiatives
Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council

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