Securing Ontario Cobalt-60 Supply

Friday, December 10

11:00 am

More than half of the global supply of Cobalt-60 is produced within Canada from the Bruce Power and Pickering reactors. When including additional supply from global sources, Canada refines more than 90 per cent of the Cobalt-60 market globally. This Cobalt is used in more than 40 per cent of all single-use medical devices produced globally are sterilized with Cobalt-60.

For more than 30 years, the four reactors at Bruce Power’s Bruce B generating station have been a reliable Cobalt-60 supply and Pickering has supplied Cobalt-60 since 1971.  With Pickering nearing the end of its commercial operations, there is a need to continue to expand Cobalt-60 production to ensure Canada maintains its leading role in the Cobalt-60 Market.   Steps are underway at both Bruce Power and OPG Darlington to explore additional production.

Join us for this event as we explore the uses of Cobalt-60, its market potential, and how this critical isotope needs continued support from government to ensure we remain a global leader.

James Scongack
Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council
Richard Wiens
Director Strategic Supply
Terry Campkin
Senior Manager Isotope Sales
Ontario Power Generation
Hon. Victor Fedeli
Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade
Dr. Sten Myrehaug
Assistant Professor, Radiation Oncology Odette Cancer Centre
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Paul Wynne
Chairman and Director General
International Irradiation Association
Maia Ingram
Program Manager, Isotopes and Business Development
Bruce Power