Transporting Isotopes: Challenges and Opportunities

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

11:00 a.m.

While Canada is a leader in the production and global supply of isotopes that play a major role in diagnosing and treating many forms of cancer, the vulnerability of that supply chain persists. Due to just-in-time delivery and sole-sourced production of some of these critical life-saving isotopes, small disruptions anywhere along the supply chain can have a huge impact on patient care.

The CNIC and its partners TAM International, Stevcon Packaging & Logistics and Pacer Air Freight explore some of the transportation and logistical requirements of the global isotope sector. Learn about some of the challenges, opportunities and how our members are addressing these challenges.

Steven De Smedt
Business Development Manager
TAM International
Michael Stopay
Pacer Air Freight
James Scongack
EVP, Bruce Power
Chair, Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council
Andrew Thiele
Director Strategic Initiatives
Canadian Nuclear Isotope Council
Stephen Warwick
President & CEO
Stevcon Packaging & Logistics