Code of Conduct Principles

 At Bruce Power we are fully committed to conducting our business safely, with professionalism and integrity, while treating each other with respect, and striving to achieve performance excellence. These Code of Conduct Principles reflect our core values of safety first, performance excellence and social responsibility and are intended to assist in understanding the standard of conduct expected of us. The Bruce Power Code of Conduct applies to the Bruce Power Board of Directors, Board Committee Members, Employees, Complementary Staff (including Temporary Staff, Direct Hire BTU, PWU Appendix A, Augmented Staff Contractors, Students, etc.). The Supplier Code of Conduct applies to all Bruce Power Contractors and Suppliers. 

Regardless of which Code of Conduct applies to you, these principles apply to everyone. 

Safety First 

  • Recognizing our commitment to Safety First, we embrace and practice strong nuclear safety principles 
  • We do not tolerate reprisals against workers for raising good faith safety concerns 

Respectful work environment, free from harassment, discrimination and violence 

  • We are committed to providing a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace 
  • We always treat others in a professional manner and hold others to that same standard 
  • We are committed to providing a workplace free from harassment and discrimination 
  • We have zero tolerance for workplace violence, including threats of violence 

Protection and use of company records, information and assets 

  • We have an obligation to protect confidential information and not disclose or use confidential information for own benefit or that of anyone else 
  • We have an obligation to protect Bruce Power’s assets and information 


  • We are committed to respecting applicable privacy laws and to protecting personal information that is collected about our employees, agents, contractors and the public. Please refer to Bruce Power’s Privacy Policy for further information 

 Business and financial practices 

  • We promote integrity and ethics in all aspects of our business activities and comply with all applicable laws and regulations on corruption, bribery, prohibited business practices and extortion 
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for theft, fraud, forgery, or willful deceit 
  • We do not make any deliberate, false, artificial or misleading entry in any Bruce Power book, log, record, document or system 
  • We declare any actual, perceived, or potential conflicts of interest and gifts and hospitality must never influence decisions and must never be accepted during an active RFP or RFI 
  • Outside business activities, political activities or lobbying are reviewed prior to being commenced 

Communication of company information / protection of company reputation 

  • We avoid any negative or defamatory conduct or comments that may negatively impact Bruce Power, including on personal social media accounts 

Reporting ethical concerns is our obligation 

  • We report any actual violation or suspected violation of the Code of Conduct that we believe in good faith has occurred or may occur 
  • We have zero tolerance for anyone who engages in retaliation against someone who has made a good faith report, as well as anyone making a malicious or knowingly false allegation 

For full details please see Bruce Power’s Code of Conduct and Supplier Code of Conduct. Additional information and resources can be found on the Code of Conduct intranet page.

Confidential Code of Conduct Office/Help Line Reporting Contact Information

Code of Conduct Office (Internal)
519-361-4630 or ext. 14630 or

Code of Conduct Help Line (External 24/7 – including anonymous reports)
1-888-371-4692 or>