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Aerial photo of Bruce Power from over Lake Huron

Bruce Power Public Disclosure Protocol 2019-10-07

Bruce Power is dedicated to connecting with the community in an open, transparent and meaningful way. We are committed to conducting business ethically, respectfully, safely and with professionalism at all times. Bruce Power will strive to maintain a positive working … Read more

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Public opinion research – April/May 2018 2018-05-15

Bruce Power carries out regular polling across Ontario to track the support for nuclear refurbishment, topical issues, and facts about our role in the province. This allows the company to be responsive to issues the public are interested in, while … Read more

Radiation and the environment

Radiation and the Environment 2018-05-10

Environmental Monitoring Program  Every year, Bruce Power monitors all aspects of the environment surrounding our facility, including the level of radioactivity. Environmental Monitoring (EM) is an important part of environmental protection at a nuclear facility. It ensures, through measurement, sampling and analysis, that the health of … Read more

Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

Why is stewardship important to Bruce Power? The Bruce site has been operating for many decades, long before Bruce Power was created. Throughout that operation, significant data has been accumulated and Bruce Power has used that information to develop an in-depth understanding of the dynamic … Read more

Corporate Services building behind wetland and grasses

2017 Environmental Monitoring Program Report 2018-04-30

Bruce Power is focused on providing clean energy that meets current and future electricity needs, without compromising quality of life for future generations. We care about people and the planet, while generating carbon-free electricity for over 30% of Ontarians. Read … Read more

Aerial photo of Bruce Power site

Bruce Power Community Interests Local Communities 2018-02-23

This document has been prepared as a supplement to Bruce Power’s Application and details its public engagement efforts.  This engagement is ongoing and therefore this document is subject to change based on additional information becoming available.  The objectives of this … Read more

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