Occupational Health and Safety Policy


Occupational Health
& Safety Policy

At Bruce Power, providing a safe and healthy workplace is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to our number one value of Safety First in the prevention of workplace injuries and ill health.
We meet or exceed all applicable health and safety legislative requirements, as well as other standards and requirements to which Bruce Power subscribes to eliminate hazards and reduce health and safety risks.
We consistently identify hazards and implement effective controls to prevent injury and protect the physical and mental health of our employees. We are committed to continuously improving health and safety.
We consult and collaborate with our employees, worker representatives and key stakeholders to develop, plan and implement our Management System for Occupational Health and Safety which is the framework for our safety programs, objectives and improvement opportunities.
By proactively working together and caring enough to act, we ensure that health and safety is the paramount consideration that guides our decisions and actions.
At Bruce Power, we count on each other every day to keep our employees, complementary workers, and visitors safe. When we say, “You can count on me,” it is a promise.


Date: November 15, 2021
Signed by:
Michael W. Rencheck, President and Chief Executive Officer
Michelle Johnston, President, Society of United Professionals
Jeff Parnell, President, Power Workers’ Union