Occupational Health and Safety Policy


Occupational Health
& Safety Policy

At Bruce Power, we are committed to living our number one value of Safety First. As nuclear professionals we understand the risks inherent to our work, taking effective preventive and protective measures to keep people, the plant and the public safe.

We strive for excellence in meeting or exceeding all applicable health and safety legislative requirements, as well as upholding industry-leading standards that form a sustainable, robust framework for our safety programs. Our commitment to continually improve our safety management programs is unwavering.

Using a risk-based approach to hazard identification, we eliminate or mitigate hazards that can have life-changing impacts to people.

We cultivate a collaborative work environment by listening to our employees, worker representatives, and key stakeholders so that we can learn from work experiences. We coach each other, share, and receive feedback respectfully so we can establish robust protective measures to support safe work planning, preparation, and execution.

By proactively working together and empowering our employees to learn and find solutions, we ensure that health and safety is the paramount consideration that guides our decisions and actions.

At Bruce Power, we respect the diverse backgrounds and ideas that advance our safety programs, keeping our employees, vendor partners, and visitors safe, every day

Date: July 1, 2024
Signed by:
Eric Chassard, President and Chief Executive Officer
Michelle Johnston, President, Society of United Professionals
Jeff Parnell, President, Power Workers’ Union