Study confirms Bruce site is safer, stronger than ever

A study released today confirms that significant emergency preparedness enhancements have been implemented by Bruce Power over the past 10 years, making the  site safer, stronger and better prepared to deal with even the most unlikely emergency.

The study, commissioned by Bruce Power and completed by Kinectrics, a leader in providing life-cycle management services for the electricity industry, analyzes the consequences for a range of potential but highly-unlikely accident scenarios. The study has determined that off-site protective actions would not be required because any potential off-site risks to the public – even in the most unlikely situation.

Soon after an earthquake and tsunami crippled a nuclear plant in Fukushima, Japan, in 2011, the world’s nuclear plants – including Bruce Power – underwent thorough reviews and made upgrades and changes to ensure lessons learned were captured at their facilities. Bruce Power has spent tens of millions on post-Fukushima enhancements in the decade since, including installation of Shield Tank Overpressure Protection on all units, which removes the need for radiological venting to the environment.

Bruce Power will provide input from this study to the Office of the Fire Marshall and Emergency Management in support of the ongoing enhancement process, which is expected to result in a revised PNERP in 2022. This input will help validate changes made to emergency planning zones surrounding the Bruce Power site as part of the 2017 PNERP update.