Bruce Power’s 2020 Annual Report

We provide safe, reliable, clean energy to businesses and families across Ontario, as well as life-saving medical isotopes to the world’s health-care community.

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cover image of the Ontario Nuclear Collaboration 2023 Report

Ontario Nuclear Collaboration 2023 Report
Bruce Power and OPG are proud to be a part of Ontario’s clean energy past, present, and
future, leading the province into a new era of clean energy production.

Cover of the 2023 Bruce Power Green Bond Report

2023 Green Bond Report
This Green Bond Report covers the reporting period of the second quarter of 2023 through the first quarter of 2024. The report includes information on new issuances during the reporting period and information on the allocation and impact of all green bond proceeds through the first quarter 2024.

Cover for Bruce Power Sustainability Report 2024

Bruce Power Sustainability Report 2024
Bruce Power is proud to help shape a sustainable future.

Cover of 2023 Environmental Protection Report publication

2023 Environmental Protection Report
The purpose of this report is to fulfill regulatory requirements on environmental protection in accordance with Condition 3.3 of the Bruce A and B Power Reactor Operating Licence [R-1] and Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Regulatory Document REGDOC-3.1.1 Reporting Requirements for Nuclear Power Plants [R-2].

Cover of 2023 Modern Slavery Report publication

2023 Bruce Power Modern Slavery Report
Bruce Power is subject to Part 2 of the Act to enact the Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains Act and to amend the Customs Tariff (the “Act”). This report is made pursuant to the Act and is approved for issuance by the Bruce Power Board of Directors on April 25, 2024.

Cover of Journey to the trades publication

Your journey to the trades
Join us on the Bruce Power site and find a career for life in a growing industry

Cover of 2023 Bruce Power Annual Report

Bruce Power 2023 Annual Review and Energy Report
Website | Download
Learn more about Bruce Power's year in 2023

Cover image of the 2023 Green Financing Framework publication.

2023 Green Financing Framework

The front cover of the "Bruce C Project. Planning for the Next Generation" publication.

Bruce C Project.
Planning for the Next Generation.

Cover of Ontario Nuclear Collaboration 2022 publication

Ontario Nuclear Collaboration 2022
Bruce Power and Ontario Power Generation (OPG) are committed to working together with each other and with our many stakeholders to provide a safe, stable and reliable source of electricity to the Province now and for decades to come.

2022 Green Bond Report

Cover image of the CNSC Mid-term Report

CNSC Mid-term Report
Website | Download

Bruce Power 2022 Annual Review and Energy Report

Bruce Power 2022 Annual Review and Energy Report
Website | Download

Cover of Bruce Power Sustainability Report 2023

2023 Bruce Power Sustainability Report

Thumbnail of the 2022 Environmental Protection Report

2022 Environmental Protection Report

Bruce Power Isotopes: An Essential Element of Health Care publication cover

Bruce Power isotopes: an essential element of health care
Bruce Power’s isotopes are used every day — in the global fight against cancer, to keep our hospitals clean and safe, combat disease, and sterilize food against pathogens.
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